Mother’s Monday Movie Review!

Update: I know this is really late today, and there was some mixup with WordPress posting a draft I made earlier. I’m super sorry about that! I have fixed that now, and this is the full post. Enjoy!

Today is going to be my new favorite day of the  week.

Do you know why?

Because it’s time for my Monday Movie!

I’m a sucker for alliteration, okay? 😄

So every Monday, I’m going to be reviewing a different movie, be it recent or a classic, in the context of a mother and a nerd.  I’ll post a synopsis(no spoilers, of course!), then my review of the movie, then a wrap-up where I grade the movie from A to F on its appropriateness for kids in three different categories-violence, sex or sexual references(innuendo), and language.

Just so you know, as a nerd, I do watch and review movies that are not necessarily appropriate for children, but that I believe are fantastic movies for adults to watch: the movie I’m reviewing today is a good example of this. So, even if I grade a movie badly doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie, it just means it’s inappropriate for kids.

If a new movie comes out, I’ll be doing my best to review it in the few weeks after it comes out, but this week the big new movie doesn’t come out until Friday(DEADPOOL, anyone?), I thought I’d review something a little less recent. I’m going to stick with the Marvel cinematic universe, and I’ll be reviewing Guardians of the Galaxy.


According to IMDb:

“In 1988, on Earth, the boy Peter Quill is abducted by a spacecraft after losing his mother, is a ravager searching for a valuable orb on the surface of the dead planet Morag. When Peter finds the orb, he is hunted down by the Kree warship The Dark Aster, the ship of the powerful Ronan the Accuser, but he flees. Peter also double crosses his partner Yondu Udonta, who puts a ransom on Peter. Peter Quill arrives on the Xandar city Nova Empire and is chased by Ronan’s warrior Gamora and by the bounty hunters Rocket and The Groot. They are arrested by the police officer Corpsman Dey and his men and sent to the prison where they meet the strong Drax. Soon they learn that Gamora wants to take the orb to a dealer for a huge amount while Drax wants to kill Ronan, who killed his wife and daughter. They plot a plan to escape from The Kyln to sell the orb and split the money. But soon they also learn that the orb holds the Infinity Stone that gives immeasurable destructive power to the owner. The self-proclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy and decide to deliver the orb to the leader Nova Prime to keep it safe from Ronan. But they are hunted down by Ronan and his partner Nebula, that want to destroy Xandar, and also by Yondu Udonta and the Ravagers that want to sell the infinity stone to make lots of money. Who will keep the powerful orb?”

Yeah, that pretty much works. 🙂



I honestly cannot possibly say enough good things about this movie. From a Marvel fan standpoint, this hit all the major selling points: cool, everyday guy with a past meets a group of highly skilled misfits, who join together to save the planet. Only this time,it’s in space!

What’s really amazing about this movie is that the people trying to save the world really have no vested interest in it(apart from Quill), but they save it anyway. That’s what makes them real heroes. Why do they do it? Well, this explains it best:

Another thing I love is the interweaving stories. From Peter’s quest to forget his past, Gamora’s struggle with her father, Drax’s quest for revenge, there really is something to delight every nerd in the audience. And the humor! Oh, it is hilarious. There are more one-liners than a bad pun convention.🙄 Joss Whedon is the master of understated comedy, and he was in rare form for this movie.

One thing about this movie, however, is the fact that it definitely isn’t for children. Between the language, innuendo, and extreme violence, I would not recommend it for any kid under 12 or 13, and I won’t let my girls watch it until they are much older. The humor is very dry, but can also be a bit raunchy. There is also onscreen drinking, as well as a particularly violent onscreen death(I won’t ruin it by saying who).

So, long story short, it’s a fantastic movie for adults, but maybe watch it after the kids are in bed. It’s hilarious, well-written, and well worth the watch.


  • Violence: C
  • Sex or Sexual References: C-
  • Language: D
  • Final Grade: C-


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