A Valentine’s Day for Moms(and Dads too!)

First of all, thank you so much to my new followers! I’m so glad to meet you all, and I hope you enjoy your stay. šŸ™‚

Now, one to my post!

As nearly everyone in the world knows, today is the card company holiday created to make money after Christmas and before Easter, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day.

I’m going to address all the parents out there: do you remember back before kids? When you and your husband or wife could actually go out on a hot date, without thinking of anything at home?

Those were the days, right?

Babysitters and awesome parents notwithstanding, most parents don’t get Valentine’s Day dates. For instance, Wes had to work all.weekend.long, so I’ve been home with Princess and Lil’ Bit all weekend, which is amazing and brilliant of course, but don’t you miss that quality one-on-one time with your hubby or wife where one or both of you weren’t the kind of perpetually worn out that only parents understand?

Well, I may just have the solution!

Here are a few suggestions, here on this love-ridden day, to rekindle the relationship between you and your significant other:

-Make it a priority.

It’s like anything else in your life: if it isn’t high on your list, it’s not going to get done. I know it seems weird to treat time with your significant other like laundry or any other to-do list item, but with everything else going on in your life, it can sometimes fall by the wayside. So put it at the top of your list.

-Schedule it. Yes, I mean that.

This is my worst favorite thing in the whole world. When I was younger, I thought we would always be ready for, well, that. That we’d always be in the mood, and be able to have a quick one whenever the mood strikes and the timing’s right. However, after kids and housework and my new freelance work, it’s just not…happening. So, I’m going to start scheduling it, however much it hurts my hopeless romantic heart. šŸ™‚

-Find a good babysitter.

This is essential, really. If you’re blessed like I am, you have a myriad of family close by who’d like nothing more than to play with your babies for a few hours. If you’re not, invest some quality time looking into possibilities, such as friends or your kids’ friends’ parents, to do a trade-off of play dates. This gives you a few precious hours alone, while also letting you get to know the kids your kids are around. It’s a win-win. šŸ™‚

-Grab it whenever you can.

When I first got married(you see me saying this like I’ve been married more than three years?šŸ™„), I thought my husband and I’s alone time would only come at night, since Princess was already 4 when we got married and was sleeping alone by then(a story for another time). However, once we had Lil’ Bit, and even before then, we were finding it hard to stay up after Princess went to bed, because we knew how early she would be up the next morning. So we started getting up earlier in the morning, and spending time together then. We also put some time aside during nap time, when we can. Just use whatever time you have, and make it your own.
I don’t pretend to have any kind of special knowledge, or even any special experiences. All I can relate is what I’ve seen work for people around me, or what’s worked for me. I really hope you find this helpful!

Is there any advice you give parents who are having trouble connecting? Let me know in the comments!

May the stars shine upon the hour of our meeting, all my loyal readers!


3 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day for Moms(and Dads too!)

  1. Wow! We love people like you! People who are outgoing and inspire others to become better everyday! I hope we live up to be like you someday!


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