Nerdy Thursday-A New Episode by the Mother Nerd!

So, Movie Monday is late again.

I’d give excuses, but the truth is I forgot. Put it down to mom brain. šŸ™‚

However, I have a new weekly blog that starts today: Nerdy Thursday!

Every Thursday I’m going to look into new and interesting geeky news and announcements from the past week. I’ll try to gather two or three pieces of news normally, depending on the week and what’s going on. This week has been a bit slower, so there is really one big announcement: the new Captain America: Civil War trailer!

The new Captain America: Civil War trailer is so amazing I don’t even have words enough to explain it. This is one of the few comic stories I am actually familiar with, because I read a few Captain America comics from this series.

The intensity of this fight is one that isn’t found in DC: what happens when the crimes perpetrated by superheroes in defense of innocents come back to haunt them? It’s an interesting story line, and interesting story lines are always my favorite. šŸ™‚

This trailer has several little pieces that are excellent to see: which Avenger came down with Tony and which with Steve and Bucky, the FANTASTIC new Black Panther suit, and several other little quips which are so fun to see in the Marvel cinematic universe. However, the most amazing thing to see in the trailer was, of course, the new Spider-Man!


Look at that magnificence. LOOK AT IT.

It’s a fact of my life that Spider-Man is my absolute favorite superhero. I grew up with the original animated series, and I have never seen a costume that is more in keeping with his original costume from that series. I know nothing about the guy they have playing him now(in truth, I’m glad to see Andrew Garfield go), but if they have a costume that incredible, he must be at least decent at the job. šŸ˜Š

I am so excited for this movie, and every thing I hear of it makes me even more excited. I didn’t quite enjoy Winter Soldier as much as First Avenger, but I believe that Civil War may turn out as the best Captain America movie so far. Even better than the very first.


Did I miss any big news? Let me know in the comments!


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