Easter Sunday Musings

Happy Easter, everyone!

I wanted to stop by and share some thoughts I had had during church and the afternoon, particularly about the utter importance of the Resurrection.

I’ve watched several documentaries and read several articles written by atheists and agnostics who have converted to Christianity after extensive research, and they all say the same thing: the Resurrection is the key to proving and/or disproving the Christian faith. Anyone can claim to be divine, they say. Anyone can perform “miracles”, or convince hundreds to follow them. 

But no one can rise from the dead, unless they’re actually divine as they say.

This is the crux of Christianity.

If Christ did not rise from the dead, then the Christian faith is nothing more than a cult built around a morals book. It is not the powerful and life-changing force that Christians have claimed it to be for thousands of years.

So, is it real? This blog lists fourteen references from five books about historical evidence for the Resurrection. A quick Google search gives us at least ten different lists of historical evidence for the Resurrection.

This is a lot of evidence. Nearly every documentary and researcher has come to the conclusion that there is no other explanation for the evidence that is found in ancient texts, both religious and secular.

My Jesus rose from the dead. He’s not here. ❤️

Happy Easter!


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