Good morning from a very apologetic Mother Nerd.😆

I really have no excuse for my NINE month absence. I let life get in my way, and it kept getting more and more embarrassing to write after such a long absence. But recently, my blog has been getting a trickle of traffic, and I realized it might be my old readers, checking to see if I had posted in a while. 

So, I decided enough was enough. And now, I’m back!

So, what has been happening with me?

Well, I have been working hard, actually. Since my absence, I lost my grandfather: he died of old age, and it was a long, hard fight, but he is now in a better place and no longer suffering. I cared for him part time during his final months, and now I care for my grandmother. I also watch my sister’s children during the week, and so my week’s stay pretty busy. 

I’ve also started homeschooling! *cue excited screaming and terrified laughter*

This has been such an incredible year, full of both heartbreak and exciting opportunities. I can’t wait to share it with y’all.

I promise, I am back for good now. Either tomorrow or later today, I will be back with a new schedule for the blog, as well as some new features I’ll be introducing this year, and an overhaul of the theme and about me pages. It’s going to be a banner year for the Mother Nerd, and I am so glad you’ll be joining me on the this journey.😄

A preview? Three words: Writing Prompt Wednesday.

May the stars shine at the hour of our meeting, patient friends. 


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