Blogging Schedule 2017!

Sorry for the late hour, but as promised, I bring you my new blogging schedule!

As in the past, I will do my level best to stick to this, but it may not always happen. However, I am committing to posting at least three times a week, and so I’ll at least keep to that, even if they don’t happen on the days I’m proposing.

As before, I will be doing three weekly features: Mother’s Movie Monday, Writer’s Wednesday, and Nerdy Thursday. I’ll also be interspersing posts on motherhood, Christianity, and other general geekery an nerdiness in between those on a more occasional basis: at the moment, I’m working on an article about mental illness and Christianity. Those will not be as planned as my features will be, but you can pretty much count on three times a week.

I’ll be updating my about me page with this as well, and revamping my blog’s look and feel pretty soon.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am doing all this to try and earn some money while sharing my writing and thoughts with my readers. I’m not expecting it to make much, but I want to give it a fighting chance in the blogosphere.

This is a rather short entry tonight: I just wanted to keep you abreast of the new happenings with the Mother Nerd. I hope you’ll stay and keep reading, and share your thoughts on this and anything else.

May the stars shine upon the hour of our meeting.


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