Writer’s Wednesday!

This is going to be a new weekly feature, where I share some of my writing with you. Sometimes it will be writing prompts I’ve found, or it may be excerpts from the books I’m currently working on.

This week, I’ll be doing a writing prompt I found on Tumblr today.


Future technology allows you to have a text sent out when you die to certain people so they can settle all the things you couldn’t finish. You just got a text from an unknown number…


You started. You had never heard that sound come from your phone before. Hastily, you paused your Netflix binge and picked it up.

Congratulations! You’ve received a message from a dearly departed friend/loved one. Would you like to have it transmitted now, or schedule it for later? Text NOW to receive now, or LATER to reschedule.


No one you knew was dead. You’ve heard of this new text system they put in place a few years ago, but it always took at least 24 hours to send the text after they died, in order to give the proper personnel time to notify the family and close friends.

If you were getting this text, it means someone died yesterday, and they had you on their list of text receivers. But you didn’t know who it was.

You text back NOW.

Certainly! Your texts will arrive momentarily. Thank you for using DeadText!

You wait, then your more familiar text alert sounds.

There isn’t much time. I paid for extra text messages, so you should get at least three. Hopefully they’ll send all six, but the most important stuff will come first. You must follow the instructions and don’t ask questions. You’re the only way my message will get out. Your life depends on it. Seriously.

You’re a bit shocked, but you wait and see what happens next.

There is nothing inherently special about you. You’re nothing but an average Joe working an average job in your average life. But something’s going to happen to you in a few years that’s going to change everything. Basically, it’s going to kill you. But your death sets off a chain reaction that will end in the annihilation of everything humans have built, leaving them destitute and unable to rebuild. Your death literally ruins the world.

You open the next text.

So all you need to do is this: don’t go to work on Friday. This coming Friday, call in sick. Whatever you need to do, do not leave your house Friday. Stay home, watch Netflix, but don’t leave. Don’t open your door to anyone, don’t go anywhere. If you don’t, this can all be avoided. I promise. Just do that, and you’ll be okay.

No more texts. You drop your phone to your lap, and you think. Friday is the day they’re announcing a big promotion you’re up for, as well as having a luncheon for all the employees. If you miss that day of work, you will most likely lose your job. However, you are somehow inclined to trust this mysterious texter who’s now dead.

But not enough to lose your hard-earned job.

Friday morning rolls around, and you go to work as usual. Sitting in the cubicle next to you is a pretty blonde girl who wasn’t there before. Turns out, shes new, because your office mate was killed in a car accident two days prior. It clicks in your head that this must be your anonymous texter, and the matter leaves your mind.

You don’t get the promotion, but your best friend does. You go out and celebrate with him after work, then you go home. Your life is just as normal as it ever was, for about two weeks. Then, one Saturday, you hear a knock on your door.

It’s your office mate, the one everyone thought was dead.

“You went to work, didn’t you?”

You stand there silently, not really knowing what to say.

“It’s obvious on your face, and in the fact that your buddy got that promotion. Very well, you got me.” She walks in and slumps in a chair.

“I sent you those texts so you wouldn’t go to work, so I could prove you were not a good worker and get that promotion over you and your buddy. I had a friend at DeathText fake my death time in their computer so they would send out.But it didn’t work.”

“Because you died?”

“No. Because they found out and I got fired. They told the bimbo who replaced me that I was dead, because she’s “sensitive”. It’s stupid, but there you go.”

I was still confused.

Then I woke up.


No more margaritas after 8pm.


Hope you enjoyed it! Leave me a note or any thoughts you have in the comments!


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