Writer’s Wednesday!

Today’s prompt is a fun one, that I found on Tumblr. I think you’ll really enjoy it.
As always, I really would like some feedback on my writing, good or bad. I’m using this weekly feature to improve my writing, and so any feedback on it will be wildly appreciated. Thank you, and enjoy!
Someone framed you for a crime you didn’t commit. You are currently in the court, your lawyer being the only one who believes in you, as he saw the crime happening. You two have to prove that it is possible for a duck to be able to kill a man.
“A duck, Mr. Tamrin?”
“Yes, Your Honor.”
“An honest to God duck?”
“An honest to God duck, ma’am.”
There was silence in the courtroom for a long, slow minute.
Judge Ashlin sighed. “Are you trying to make a fool of yourself and this court, Mr. Tamrin?”
“Absolutely not, Your Honor. I am here today to prove to you that a common duck is in fact able to kill a fully grown adult human male. May I call my first witness, ma’am?”
Ashlin put her head to her hand. “By all means, Mr. Tamrin. What could possibly go wrong?”
Tamrin smiled. “I call to the witness stand, one Adam Tamrin, Your Honor.”
A ripple of muttering cascaded through the room. The judge was so taken aback by this that she didn’t even think to call for order.
“You, Mr. Tamrin? How will you be of help to this case?”
“I am a credible witness for the defense, Your Honor. I was present when the murder occurred. I also bring proof, which I will now present as Exhibit 2.” He produced a small cassette tape and held it up to the jury.
“Objection, Your Honor!” Jamie Hubrim, prosecutor, stood up from his chair. “He has not submitted that previously for review by the prosecution!”
“Overruled for now, Mr. Hubrim. But I will call for recess so that the validity can be determined by any interested party, as soon as Mr. Tamrin has been questioned.” Hubrim sat back down in his chair.
“Mr. Tamrin, what is your reasoning for this blatant disregard for court proceedings?”
“This tape was only just discovered today to have been taken by a nearby security camera. It was delivered to me just after the start of these court proceedings.”
“Very well. But it will not be viewed until after your cross examination and a thorough diagnostic on the cassette and its contents.”
“Yes, ma’am. May I tell my story now, Your Honor?”
“By all means, Mr. Tamrin. What happened on the night of May 11th?”
Tamrin sighed deeply. “I live in an apartment and take my nightly walk next to Locca Lake, through Dripsprings Park. As you know, the ducks and geese that reside on the aforementioned lake have recently hatched a record number of eggs this spring. The influx of waterfowl on the lake has led to crowding on the walkways around the lake, so I changed my walk during the week in question. I could still see the lake, but I walked a wider path. On the night in question, it was very pleasant, so I walked slower than normal. As I reached the tree-lined portion of the walkway, I heard a commotion, so I left the path and peered through the trees. The victim was standing stock still, surrounded by at least twenty ducks, all advancing on him. Evidently, he had stepped on and crushed one of the ducklings as it crossed the path near the lake. The victim then began backing slowly away from the horde of ducks, and fell into the lake.

“This is where my story becomes…difficult to believe. But as I am under oath and will not lie, I will say: two ducks then grabbed the victim by the collar of his shirt, and dragged him underwater. They held him there until he stopped moving, then let go of his collar and swam away. I waited until the ducks left, then I called 911, then left the scene. When this case arose, and I learned what was being charged, I immediately put myself on the docket to defend the man accused. I knew I was the only one who could clear up what truly happened that night.”

Again, silence in the courtroom.

“Your witness, Mr. Hubrim.”

Hubrim approached the stand, and hesitated before asking only one question: “Why didn’t you stop them?”

Tamrin hung his head. “Because I was completely taken aback by what happened, and was unable to move due to fear and surprise.”

Hubrim seemed to shake his head, shrugged at the judge, and said, “No more questions, Your Honor.”

The judge, mouth hanging open, seemed to return to herself. “Um, yes Mr. Hubrim. Mr. Tamrin, please exit the witness stand. The court will now adjourn for one week, until the veracity of the security footage can be determined.”

One week later, it was determined that the security footage was free of tampering, and its truthfulness verified. When it was shown in the courtroom, it left no room for doubt:

Mr. Tamrin was telling the truth.

The security footage showed the two ducks hold the victim under the water until he splashed no more, then paddle off. The defendant was immediately released: the jury took less than ten minutes to deliberate.

Later, sources determined that some experimental recreational drug had been ingested by the ducks, making them aggressive and predatory. The ducks were studied for years, and all the other ducks were relocated to other facilities.

And that’s how Adam Tamrin became known as the duck lawyer.


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