Nerdy Thursday: Doctor Who Edition!

Finally, getting around to my favorite feature: Nerdy Thursday!

I know I’m super late to this party, but as we all know our beloved Peter Capaldi will be leaving us after the coming season.

But fear not! Because with every Doctor’s departure, we have the pleasure of speculating on the new actor who will fill the amazingly difficult Doctor’s shoes.

I have only been a Doctor Who fan for about five years now, and so I’ve only had one regeneration to wait and speculate about-Matt’s to Peter’s. This will be my second regeneration, and I feel even more lost after this one. I feel like Peter hasn’t been with us long enough, nor has he had a truly great season the way David and Matt did. Maybe season 10 will be that for Peter: Pearl Mackenzie gives me hope for an excellent season this year.

But I digress. Now we must get down to business: who should be the next Doctor?

Note: These are purely my opinion, not based on any rumors or speculation other than my own.

Pick #1: Haley Atwell

Now, just hear me out.

I am no feminazi, insisting that a female be inserted in every show or story on the air today. I am not on the team that thinks the Doctor must be female, nor do I think the Doctor should be anything but male.

But if there was any female who could do it, it is absolutely Haley Atwell.

She’s smart, poised, classy, and feisty. She’s everything that a female Doctor would need to be, and she’s gorgeous to boot. If we must have a female, she would have to be it.

Pick #2: Jesse Spencer

I’ve been saying this for years.

He’s absolutely perfect! Poised, classy, and he has amazing eyes that can look old enough to be the Doctor. Also, he’s Australian, which would bring an interesting change to the Doctor’s character. However, with his current stint on Chicago Fire, we may not get this amazing pairing.

But one can always hope. 🙂

Pick #3: Richard Madden

 I mean, look at those eyes.

With him being as well known as he is on both sides of the pond, I’m afraid this won’t happen, and it probably won’t. But I think he would be such a wonderful choice.

He’s proven himself in a difficult role, especially in Game of Thrones. He also shows an ability to bring levity to any character, even fleetingly. Although, I think he might be too young to follow Capaldi, he would still look great in the part. ❤

Pick #4: Bill Nighy

And now for the other end of the spectrum. 😂

But seriously though, how amazing would he be? He has everything that we’ve loved about the original Doctors, but also has the brevity to play a Time War-scarred Doctor. It’s almost as if the character of the Doctor was created for Bill Nighy. I know it won’t happen-he’s way too high-profile- but wishful thinking, right?

Pick #5: Eddie Redmayne

And now we come to my favorite.

I’ve been a fan of Redmayne since I saw him in Les Miserables, and now I’m firmly on the Redmayne train after his superb performance in Fantastic Beasts. With his ability to play both comedic and dramatic roles with apparent ease, he would be such an excellent choice to play the madman in the box. With his commitments to the Wizarding World, he may not be able to free up his schedule enough to fly in the TARDIS…

But wouldn’t it be amazing if he did? ❤
Those are my picks for the new Doctor. If I left anyone out, let me know in the comments!


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