Writer’s Wednesday

This week’s installment is an excerpt from my current project, for which I do not yet have a name. This excerpt would serve as a prologue, setting the stage for the set of letters that would make up most of the rest of the book.

I really would like to know what you think of this, even if you don’t like it. You can shoot me a message on Facebook or Twitter, or just leave me a comment below.

Thank you for reading. ❤

For my niece Evelina, to be read either in the event of my disappearance or arrest:

I have often longed, dear Evie, to enlighten you on my doings beyond the social scene in London since my marriage and subsequent departure from the golden shores of America. I know, my dear, that you have heard in great detail from this pen of mine the social happenings that my husband and I have been involved with over the last fifteen years, and have also seen these things for yourself on your visits, seldom though those must necessarily be. However, there are other, more…clandestine doings that have not been the subject of any of my writings or your visits thus far, for reasons that will be abundantly clear as my letter continues. I believe, well as I know you, that you would not disapprove of such affairs, once you hear my reasoning behind my involvement in them. Thus the reason for my writing this to you now: I would wish you to know the reason behind my actions, so you would not judge me as others will.

​Below are letters that I have written to your mother, may she rest in peace. They were sent to me on the occasion of her untimely death, and I am passing them on to you to help you understand. I have included the responses she had sent me, against the express wishes of your mother. Your mother was adamant about this: you should not know. However, I am breaking this wish of your mother’s, in order for you to truly understand what we have accomplished.

Please understand, dear Evie, that what was done was absolutely necessary. We did nothing and committed no act that was not for the greater good. However, society will not see it that way, unfortunately. Your mother, especially, wished you to not view her with any contempt, no matter what you discovered. Therefore, your visits to me became synonymous with the deeds your mother committed, as well as your visits to other members of our family and your father’s. However, apart from me, there was no one else aware of our deeds. This I must stress, my dear Evie: you shall not confide these secrets to any other party. To do so would result in catastrophic consequences that will be made clear in the following letters, both for you and the rest of the family. I cannot stress this enough my dear: no one must ever know. You alone shall hold this secret, at your peril.

I do not wish to threaten you, Evie, but merely impress upon you the imperativeness of such secrecy, for your sake as well as my own. I may have arrested, which makes secrecy all the more important. If I have disappeared, I can imagine these letters will reach you long before this news will arrive of my disappearance. However, if the former has occurred, I will assume that you have already heard such news as that. However, the details of such may not yet have sullied your innocent ears, and so these letters will indeed be a shock to you no matter what the circumstances are that bring these letters to light.

However this letter and its cousins shall arrive, please know that it is only for our safety and your knowledge that I send them. I wish you to understand, and love us as you always have, my dear Evie. I remain, my darling, your faithful and devoted aunt,

Violet Escamilla


Mother’s Movie Tuesday! …Again 😳

I may have to move movie reviews to Tuesday. Monday is just too darn hectic. 🤷🏼‍♀️

What do you guys think? Movie Monday or Movie Tuesday? Let me know in the comments!

Today’s movie is another children’s movie released last year( hey, I’m a mom, it’s all I see normally😂): Trolls!


“From the creators of Shrek comes the most smart, funny, irreverent animated comedy of the year, DreamWorks’ Trolls. This holiday season, enter a colorful, wondrous world populated by hilariously unforgettable characters and discover the story of the overly optimistic Trolls, with a constant song on their lips, and the comically pessimistic Bergens, who are only happy when they have trolls in their stomach. Featuring original music from Justin Timberlake, and soon-to-be classic mash-ups of songs from other popular artists, the film stars the voice talents of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Russell Brand, James Corden, Kunal Nayyar, Ron Funches, Icona Pop, Gwen Stefani, and many more. DreamWorks’ TROLLS is a fresh, broad comedy filled with music, heart and hair-raising adventures. In November of 2016, nothing can prepare you for our new Troll world.”

Submitted by 20 Century Fox, IMDB


Let me just start off by saying that I love this soundtrack.

Like seriously, I listen to it even when my kids aren’t around. And I haven’t done that since Frozen.

Remember last week, when I said Disney seemed to have lost some of that magic they used to have? Well, Dreamworks found it, and put it all in this movie.

Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Trolls. It’s decidedly a children’s flick, so don’t go in as an adult and expect it to cater to your mature sensibilities. It’s not deep like a Pixar film, but it’s genuinely fun, the way many children’s movies these days aren’t. 

I didn’t want to like this movie, I can admit that now. It seemed like another mindless attempt to make the troll dolls I grew up with relevant to the next generation. They didn’t really have a story, so they were just going to shoehorn in something that would be formulaic and boring.

What I didn’t expect was a surprisingly heartwarming story that, while formulaic in nature, is told in a way that subverts classic tropes. It’s also sporting the best soundtrack of any movie I’ve seen in recent years. 

Long story short, it’s the whole package. Great music, simple message, genuine fun.

Your move, Disney.


Language: A

Violence: A+

Innuendo: A

Mother’s Movie Monday(Erm, Tuesday)!

Well, this is a wretched beginning.

I was all, “I’m going to keep up with this, I promise!” Then I go and disappear for over FIVE days. 

I had good intentions, but chalk it up to rampant family sickness. Darn this Alabama weather.

Oh dear. 🙄

No matter, because I have returned again, and with a new movie review! 

In honor of the recent Oscar announcements, I’m going to review the only movie that I’ve seen out of those nominated:

Yeah, I’m a mom. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Since it’s been so long since my last one, I’ll explain how this works. I’ll post a synopsis from IMDB, then I’ll post my review and a grade for the movie.

So here goes!


“From the biggest elephant to the tiniest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a beautiful metropolis where all animals live peacefully with one another. Determined to prove her worth, Judy Hopps becomes the first official bunny cop on the police force. When 14 predator animals go missing, Judy immediately takes the case. Partnering with a smooth talking fox named Nick Wilde, Judy must piece together all the clues as to where the predators are and who is behind it all.”

Submitted by Blazer346, IMDB


“Life isn’t some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true. So let it go.”

No matter what I think of this movie, I can at least love this self-deprecating line. 😂

And what do I think of this movie?

I still haven’t formed a complete thought about this movie, and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen it.

I mean, it’s cute and everything, and the technical aspects of it are amazing. The rendering of Zootopia make the movie worth a look, and the “Try Anything” song went straight onto my workout(😂)/pump up playlist. 

But I just can’t get behind the blatant sociopolitical stance. I understand the need to explain complex social and economic problems to children in ways they will understand, but the blatant slant toward liberal ideologies makes this movie hard to watch.

Now, if you know me, you know I’m the biggest Disney nerd in existence: I am usually behind their movies 100%. While I didn’t dislike this movie by any stretch, it wasn’t my favorite. 

I feel like the “Disney” in this movie was missing. The magic, the sheer innocent joy that comes with Disney, the nostaglic happiness of that beautiful white castle with the shining white arch, that I feel like is missing from this movie. It’s technically stunning, and there are some excellent spots, but it doesn’t feel like a Disney movie.

My kids love it, but it’s not the universal crowd-pleaser that Disney usually provides.


Violence: A

Language: A+

Innuendo: A

Writer’s Wednesday!

This is going to be a new weekly feature, where I share some of my writing with you. Sometimes it will be writing prompts I’ve found, or it may be excerpts from the books I’m currently working on.

This week, I’ll be doing a writing prompt I found on Tumblr today.


Future technology allows you to have a text sent out when you die to certain people so they can settle all the things you couldn’t finish. You just got a text from an unknown number…


You started. You had never heard that sound come from your phone before. Hastily, you paused your Netflix binge and picked it up.

Congratulations! You’ve received a message from a dearly departed friend/loved one. Would you like to have it transmitted now, or schedule it for later? Text NOW to receive now, or LATER to reschedule.


No one you knew was dead. You’ve heard of this new text system they put in place a few years ago, but it always took at least 24 hours to send the text after they died, in order to give the proper personnel time to notify the family and close friends.

If you were getting this text, it means someone died yesterday, and they had you on their list of text receivers. But you didn’t know who it was.

You text back NOW.

Certainly! Your texts will arrive momentarily. Thank you for using DeadText!

You wait, then your more familiar text alert sounds.

There isn’t much time. I paid for extra text messages, so you should get at least three. Hopefully they’ll send all six, but the most important stuff will come first. You must follow the instructions and don’t ask questions. You’re the only way my message will get out. Your life depends on it. Seriously.

You’re a bit shocked, but you wait and see what happens next.

There is nothing inherently special about you. You’re nothing but an average Joe working an average job in your average life. But something’s going to happen to you in a few years that’s going to change everything. Basically, it’s going to kill you. But your death sets off a chain reaction that will end in the annihilation of everything humans have built, leaving them destitute and unable to rebuild. Your death literally ruins the world.

You open the next text.

So all you need to do is this: don’t go to work on Friday. This coming Friday, call in sick. Whatever you need to do, do not leave your house Friday. Stay home, watch Netflix, but don’t leave. Don’t open your door to anyone, don’t go anywhere. If you don’t, this can all be avoided. I promise. Just do that, and you’ll be okay.

No more texts. You drop your phone to your lap, and you think. Friday is the day they’re announcing a big promotion you’re up for, as well as having a luncheon for all the employees. If you miss that day of work, you will most likely lose your job. However, you are somehow inclined to trust this mysterious texter who’s now dead.

But not enough to lose your hard-earned job.

Friday morning rolls around, and you go to work as usual. Sitting in the cubicle next to you is a pretty blonde girl who wasn’t there before. Turns out, shes new, because your office mate was killed in a car accident two days prior. It clicks in your head that this must be your anonymous texter, and the matter leaves your mind.

You don’t get the promotion, but your best friend does. You go out and celebrate with him after work, then you go home. Your life is just as normal as it ever was, for about two weeks. Then, one Saturday, you hear a knock on your door.

It’s your office mate, the one everyone thought was dead.

“You went to work, didn’t you?”

You stand there silently, not really knowing what to say.

“It’s obvious on your face, and in the fact that your buddy got that promotion. Very well, you got me.” She walks in and slumps in a chair.

“I sent you those texts so you wouldn’t go to work, so I could prove you were not a good worker and get that promotion over you and your buddy. I had a friend at DeathText fake my death time in their computer so they would send out.But it didn’t work.”

“Because you died?”

“No. Because they found out and I got fired. They told the bimbo who replaced me that I was dead, because she’s “sensitive”. It’s stupid, but there you go.”

I was still confused.

Then I woke up.


No more margaritas after 8pm.


Hope you enjoyed it! Leave me a note or any thoughts you have in the comments!

Blogging Schedule 2017!

Sorry for the late hour, but as promised, I bring you my new blogging schedule!

As in the past, I will do my level best to stick to this, but it may not always happen. However, I am committing to posting at least three times a week, and so I’ll at least keep to that, even if they don’t happen on the days I’m proposing.

As before, I will be doing three weekly features: Mother’s Movie Monday, Writer’s Wednesday, and Nerdy Thursday. I’ll also be interspersing posts on motherhood, Christianity, and other general geekery an nerdiness in between those on a more occasional basis: at the moment, I’m working on an article about mental illness and Christianity. Those will not be as planned as my features will be, but you can pretty much count on three times a week.

I’ll be updating my about me page with this as well, and revamping my blog’s look and feel pretty soon.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am doing all this to try and earn some money while sharing my writing and thoughts with my readers. I’m not expecting it to make much, but I want to give it a fighting chance in the blogosphere.

This is a rather short entry tonight: I just wanted to keep you abreast of the new happenings with the Mother Nerd. I hope you’ll stay and keep reading, and share your thoughts on this and anything else.

May the stars shine upon the hour of our meeting.


Good morning from a very apologetic Mother Nerd.😆

I really have no excuse for my NINE month absence. I let life get in my way, and it kept getting more and more embarrassing to write after such a long absence. But recently, my blog has been getting a trickle of traffic, and I realized it might be my old readers, checking to see if I had posted in a while. 

So, I decided enough was enough. And now, I’m back!

So, what has been happening with me?

Well, I have been working hard, actually. Since my absence, I lost my grandfather: he died of old age, and it was a long, hard fight, but he is now in a better place and no longer suffering. I cared for him part time during his final months, and now I care for my grandmother. I also watch my sister’s children during the week, and so my week’s stay pretty busy. 

I’ve also started homeschooling! *cue excited screaming and terrified laughter*

This has been such an incredible year, full of both heartbreak and exciting opportunities. I can’t wait to share it with y’all.

I promise, I am back for good now. Either tomorrow or later today, I will be back with a new schedule for the blog, as well as some new features I’ll be introducing this year, and an overhaul of the theme and about me pages. It’s going to be a banner year for the Mother Nerd, and I am so glad you’ll be joining me on the this journey.😄

A preview? Three words: Writing Prompt Wednesday.

May the stars shine at the hour of our meeting, patient friends. 

Easter Sunday Musings

Happy Easter, everyone!

I wanted to stop by and share some thoughts I had had during church and the afternoon, particularly about the utter importance of the Resurrection.

I’ve watched several documentaries and read several articles written by atheists and agnostics who have converted to Christianity after extensive research, and they all say the same thing: the Resurrection is the key to proving and/or disproving the Christian faith. Anyone can claim to be divine, they say. Anyone can perform “miracles”, or convince hundreds to follow them. 

But no one can rise from the dead, unless they’re actually divine as they say.

This is the crux of Christianity.

If Christ did not rise from the dead, then the Christian faith is nothing more than a cult built around a morals book. It is not the powerful and life-changing force that Christians have claimed it to be for thousands of years.

So, is it real? This blog lists fourteen references from five books about historical evidence for the Resurrection. A quick Google search gives us at least ten different lists of historical evidence for the Resurrection.

This is a lot of evidence. Nearly every documentary and researcher has come to the conclusion that there is no other explanation for the evidence that is found in ancient texts, both religious and secular.

My Jesus rose from the dead. He’s not here. ❤️

Happy Easter!

It’s Friday…

It’s Friday.
Jesus is praying. Peter’s a sleeping. Judas is betraying.

But Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
Pilate’s struggling. The council is conspiring. The crowd is vilifying.
They don’t even know that Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
The disciples are running like sheep without a shepherd. Mary’s crying. Peter is denying.
But they don’t know That Sunday’s a comin’.

It’s Friday.
The Romans beat my Jesus. They robe him in scarlet. They crown him with thorns.
But they don’t know That Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
See Jesus walking to Calvary. His blood dripping. His body stumbling. And his spirit’s burdened.
But you see, it’s only Friday.
Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
The world’s winning. People are sinning. And evil’s grinning.
It’s Friday.
The soldiers nail my Savior’s hands To the cross. They nail my Savior’s feet to the cross. And then they raise him up next to criminals.
It’s Friday.
But let me tell you something…

Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
The disciples are questioning.
What has happened to their King?
And the Pharisees are celebrating that their scheming has been achieved.
But they don’t know It’s only Friday.
Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
He’s hanging on the cross. Feeling forsaken by his Father. Left alone and dying.
Can nobody save him?
It’s Friday.
But Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday. The earth trembles. The sky grows dark. My King yields his spirit.

It’s Friday.
Hope is lost. Death has won. Sin has conquered. and Satan’s just a laughin’.

It’s Friday. Jesus is buried. A soldier stands guard. And a rock is rolled into place.

But it’s Friday. It is only Friday. Sunday is a comin’!

-S.M. Lockridge

Happy Good Friday, everyone. Sunday’s comin’.

Nerdy Thursday: Disney Men Edition!

Note: This is a rework of an old blog post I wrote back in 2010. There are a few Disney men that weren’t around for this list, and I decided not to add them in. If you think I should have, let me know in the comments!

Welcome back to Nerdy Thursday!

This week, I wanted to take a walk through my childhood with a Top Ten list. Namely, the top ten men of my childhood. I am the biggest Disney fan in existence, as any regular reader can attest.I can watch any Disney movie, and instantly tell you whose voice that is just by hearing it and knowing the year. Because Disney used a lot of the same voices in his early movies, such as Cinderella and Dumbo and Jungle Book. I troll IMDb for news about Pixar and Disney and the direction they’re headed. I keep up with what they’re doing now, and I’m an expert on their past. It’s my passion, only augmented by the fact that I had two girls who love Disney as much as I do. So, when I say the men of my childhood, that’s what I mean. 🙂
So, without further ado, I give you:
Top Ten Disney Men!
Starting, of course, with number ten…

10. Shang (Mulan)

Ah, Shang: the brave captain who trains the troops to find Shan Yu and his nasty band of Huns. Being one of the only princes to remove his shirt during his movie(Aladdin’s isn’t really there for half his movie, and John Smith loses his at the end of Pocahontas) would have put him higher, if he hadn’t been such a jerk to Mulan, who happens to be one of my favorite princesses.
I mean, really now: one scene he says she has his trust, and then just two or three scenes later he decides that she’s no longer trustworthy just because she changed her clothes? I get the fact that hey, she lied about being a man, but still, she saved your life! That has to count for something, right? So, even though he is definitely a looker, he snags #10. But he’ll never beat out…

9. Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

I absolutely love this character.
No, he’s not pretty: no one could ever say that. But the heart that comes through in his character is beautiful, and it shines through even the darkest adversity. He only falls at #9 because his story is so gosh darn depressing. After all, he was madly in love with Esmerelda, and nearly laid his life down to protect her. And what does she do? Runs off with a handsome Captain of the Guard named Phoebus. In the book, she gets hanged and Quasimodo carries her body to burial grounds and dies holding it. He could be a beautiful man, if only someone would give him a chance. Saying that…

8. Aladdin


Now that’s a beautiful man. 😉

I mean, come on…which of you 90’s girls out there didn’t just swoon over this dashing street rat? I know I did, and I was little when I first saw this movie. But what makes Aladdin even better is that his heart is very good: even though he steals to live, he is also generous with whatever he has. The only reason he falls at #8 is because he’s kind of stupid.

I mean, really thick. 

For being a boy/man who lives off the streets, he seems very naive. He falls for the disguise of the evil Jafar in the prison, and is generally dumb throughout the entire movie. That’s why I never enjoyed Aladdin the way I did the earlier Disney features: he annoyed me with his naivete. That’s why he got beat out by…

7. Prince Eric (Little Mermaid)

Who couldn’t love those gorgeous blue eyes?

When I first saw this movie when I was a little girl, I couldn’t stand Eric. He seemed too…ordinary to be a Disney man. I watch it now, as an adult, and I see the rather complex nature of his character: a man trying to find his true identity in a world where his present identity is being dictated to him. Wanting to see, explore, and then find his perfect woman are concepts that most twenty-somethings struggle with even today. The only reason he falls in the bottom 5 is because he doesn’t appear very long in his film. Although, when he is there, he makes a wonderful impact. However much I relate to him, however, he will never amount to…

6. Hercules


How cute is he?

I love this character, even though they weren’t technically true to the myth surrounding Heracles, I still think they captured an essence of his story that filmmakers had hitherto overlooked: his childhood. Specifically, how he “grew into” his godlike powers. His complete and utter vulnerability is different than Aladdin’s stupidity: Hercules was genuinely befuddled by life as a god, but Aladdin had lived in the streets his whole life and was still stupid. 🙂 Hercules’s ignorance endears him instead of making him annoying.
And who doesn’t love a guy with muscles like that? 😋

5. Flynn Rider (Tangled)


Although not technically from my childhood, he’s still a huge favorite. If there weren’t three “original” princes (from before the so-called “Disney Renaissance”) and one not-really-a-prince-but-still-wonderful character, he would be higher on the list. His debonair attitude at the beginning of the movie somewhat turned me off to him at first, but he reveals a depth of character and courage rarely seen by Disney in princess movies such as these. His courage in admitting that what he was doing was wrong and changing his ways is refreshing to see, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. And his song, “I’ve Seen The Light”, is exactly what every girl in the world wants her man to think about her. It’s a beautiful story, and a fantastic character. ❤

4. Robin Hood


Yes, that is a fox. No, it is not human. Yes, he still makes my list. 

This is probably in my top five favorite Disney movies of all time, and so naturally the lead hero will fall in my top five men of Disney. He is dashing, smart, and madly in love with a beautiful young vixen(no innuendo intended or meant). He was a great part of my childhood, and I still watch(and prefer, to be honest) this version of Robin Hood over and over again. He is the quintessential hero, and my favorite fox. ❤️

3. The Prince (Cinderella)


Strong and silent: the perfect man. 

And now we come down to the final three: the original trifecta, as it were. These are the three princes we think of when we think of “Disney princes”. We are at #3, with the Prince from Cinderella. Now, many people argue that both the prince from Snow White and Cinderella are both called Prince Charming. This is, however, not true: neither are actually referred to in their respective movies by name. This prince is simply called “The Prince”, with no other name ascribed to him. He says very little: his animators preferring to center on Cinderella rather than fleshing out the Prince whom she marries. In the later adventures, he is rather fleshed out, but still referred to as simply “The Prince”.
Also, I never liked the look of him, per se: he was too stiff. 

2. Prince Ferdinand(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


He is fantastic. 
Being the original Prince, he is normally given the title of “Prince Charming”: however, it has been discovered that his name is actually Ferdinand. He ranks at #2 simply because of the song:

One song, my heart keeps singing of one love only for you…

Makes my heart melt every time.
And the winner and #1 is…*drumroll*

1. Prince Philip(Sleeping Beauty)


Oh yes. Always.
He is brave, kind, handsome, and knows his mind. He has a great sense of humor, and is willing to go his own way when he wants/needs to. And just look at him! Gorgeous.

He was the first fully fleshed Disney prince, complete with a name and backstory of his own. He has always been my favorite, and always will be. I just wish he’d gotten a better princess. 
And there you have it: every one of my top ten favorite Disney men! You’ll notice there are a few on here that I didn’t even mention: The Beast and Naveen for instance. As for those two in particular, there is one good reason: they weren’t themselves throughout most of their movie. However, this lists till displays all the Disney men that made my childhood magical. 🙂

Nerdy Thursday-A New Episode by the Mother Nerd!

So, Movie Monday is late again.

I’d give excuses, but the truth is I forgot. Put it down to mom brain. 🙂

However, I have a new weekly blog that starts today: Nerdy Thursday!

Every Thursday I’m going to look into new and interesting geeky news and announcements from the past week. I’ll try to gather two or three pieces of news normally, depending on the week and what’s going on. This week has been a bit slower, so there is really one big announcement: the new Captain America: Civil War trailer!

The new Captain America: Civil War trailer is so amazing I don’t even have words enough to explain it. This is one of the few comic stories I am actually familiar with, because I read a few Captain America comics from this series.

The intensity of this fight is one that isn’t found in DC: what happens when the crimes perpetrated by superheroes in defense of innocents come back to haunt them? It’s an interesting story line, and interesting story lines are always my favorite. 🙂

This trailer has several little pieces that are excellent to see: which Avenger came down with Tony and which with Steve and Bucky, the FANTASTIC new Black Panther suit, and several other little quips which are so fun to see in the Marvel cinematic universe. However, the most amazing thing to see in the trailer was, of course, the new Spider-Man!


Look at that magnificence. LOOK AT IT.

It’s a fact of my life that Spider-Man is my absolute favorite superhero. I grew up with the original animated series, and I have never seen a costume that is more in keeping with his original costume from that series. I know nothing about the guy they have playing him now(in truth, I’m glad to see Andrew Garfield go), but if they have a costume that incredible, he must be at least decent at the job. 😊

I am so excited for this movie, and every thing I hear of it makes me even more excited. I didn’t quite enjoy Winter Soldier as much as First Avenger, but I believe that Civil War may turn out as the best Captain America movie so far. Even better than the very first.


Did I miss any big news? Let me know in the comments!